Vegan Monastery Farm

to promote both Monastic Farming, cone building (Meditation Ascension Chambers), & living in harmony with nature (we support Earthships)

The Unified Field is influenced positively by monasticism; mass meditation and mass prayer reduces negative events of everything from auto accidents to global terrorism during the time of meditation. To date mass meditation and mass prayer has been the only scientifically proven method of crime reduction. When enlightened beings assemble the consciousness coherence effect is multiplied exponentially.

The scientific principle of coherence teaches us that a global culture of supporting monasticism for those who choose that path helps humanity as a whole.

We endeavor to create an organic gluten-free vegan monastic farm network with ascension chambers in harmony with nature, one at a time, to positively affect each local area and contribute to global harmony/lasting peace, tipping to unified field into positive coherence.

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I’ve just found;  thus, it is possible to shift from building to supporting, but the goal of the Self-funding arm launch is vital, paramount for the mission no matter the logistical implementation or support of current efforts to join.

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